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List of Digital Collections

Interviews (available as audio files and transcriptions), mostly conducted in the late 1970s, that document the many aspects of life in Louisville, particularly as experienced by African Americans. (more info)
flooded trestle
A selection of 210 digital images and 3 digital videos of the August 4, 2009 flood, documented and donated by community members. (more info)
baseball cards
154 baseball cards from the early 20th century. (more info)
boys with bicycles
Images of Louisville, 1875-1939, including buildings, transportation, and people. (more info)
Papers completed by undergraduate students graduating with top honors from the University of Louisville College of Arts & Sciences, December 2012 - present. (more info)
Gore's Spring
308 photographs from the Appalachian, Bluegrass, and Western portions of Kentucky at the turn of the 20th century, and 69 views of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition (St. Louis, Missouri, 1904). (more info)
327 images of members and friends of the Furnas family of Louisville, Kentucky, in the early 1900s, including travels west to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri and as far as Spokane, Washington. (more info)
Images of painted advertising on buildings in Louisville, Kentucky. (more info)
guest book cover
Guest Book volumes with more than 900 signatures from visitors to the University of Louisville School of Music, including guest artists, composers, lecturers, and dignitaries. Indices and an annotated list accompany the signature pages. (more info)
3815 images published in the Louisville Herald-Post newspaper (1925-1936) of people; business and industry; government; homes; places of worship; community organizations; parks; sports; and transportation in and around Louisville, Kentucky. (more info)
Gothic and heraldic bookplates designed by Louisville native (George) Ainslie Hewett (1880-1963) for notable Louisville residents, as well as for clients across the United States. (more info)
117 catalogs from the Hite exhibition series (University of Louisville), dating from 1947 - 1978 and covering painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and architecture and city planning from many countries and time periods, including local, student and faculty work. (more info)
11 oral histories recorded in 2012 for a Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission publication by the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research and Metropolitan Housing Coalition. (more info)
Images of boats built, or being built, at Howard Shipyard in Jeffersonville, Indiana. (more info)
Dating from 1150 through 1867, these eighteen illuminated manuscript leaves represent Western European and Islamic cultures. Lesson plans available. (more info)
horse cart
Images relating to Louisville, Kentucky, and environs from various small collections in the University of Louisville Libraries' special collections and archives. Currently includes the A.W. Terhune Collection and the Joseph & Joseph Collection. (more info)
210 images captured by French soldier André Jeunet (1896-1979) during World War I, including pictures of soldiers and civilians in northeastern France in 1915-1917 and the Balkans in 1917-1918. (more info)
Four atlases of Louisville and environs (1876, 1879, 1884, and 1913), and 110 maps dating from 1635-1955 of Kentucky or including the area that would become Kentucky. (more info)
class photos
Images of people and places associated with the Louisville General Hospital School of Nursing, University of Louisville School of Dentistry, and University of Louisville School of Medicine in the late 19th and 20th centuries, along with early medical school catalogs. (more info)
University of Louisville, Dept. of Law
Rare volumes of early Kentucky law books featuring legal enactments relating to Kentucky from its beginning as a district of Virginia, the debates of the convention that drafted Kentucky's third constitution, and portraits of the leading legal practitioners and statesmen of 19th-century Kentucky. (more info)
Louisville Leader banner
All extant issues of the Louisville Leader, an African American community newspaper covering local, national, and international news published in Louisville, Kentucky from 1917-1950. (more info)
store sign
Album of photographs showing commerical businesses--particularly groceries and saloons--in Louisville, Kentucky in the early decades of the twentieth century, usually accompanied by information about property values, tenants, and rental amounts. (more info)
The Louisville Underground Music Archive (LUMA) is a growing collection which documents the history and culture of the Louisville rock music scene from the 1970s to the present. (more info)
Macauley's Theatre
Studio portraits of actors and actresses from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which document the cultural history of Louisville and of theater during this time period. (more info)
Louisville native and amateur photographer Claude C. Matlack (1878-1944) captured on film the formative years of Oneida Baptist Institute, a settlement school built by feuding mountaineers. (more info)
The photographs of Kate Matthews (1870-1956) depict tableaux vivants and scenes of everyday life in her community of Pewee Valley, Kentucky, at the turn of the 20th century. (more info)
The Romano L. Mazzoli Oral History Collection documents the life and political career of Congressman Romano (Ron) Mazzoli, an Italian-American native of Louisville, Kentucky who represented Kentucky's Third Congressional District for 24 years (1971-1995). (more info)
Images documenting the construction of sewer lines, drainage work, and floodwall protection projects throughout Louisville in the early twentieth century through the beginning of World War II. (more info)
Prints of over 1,300 woodblocks used in publications by 19th/early 20th century Louisville printer John P. Morton and Company. (more info)
The bulk of this collection dates to the period 1900-1940, but includes postcards from the late 19th century through the 1980s. It consists of 580 travel postcards and greeting cards. (more info)
88 images and four manuscripts relating to the U.S. military, with a particular focus on the Civil War era, collected by West Point alumnus, engineer, and Civil War veteran Orlando Metcalfe Poe (1832-1895). (more info)
Photographs documenting Louisville street scenes, historic buildings, people, and sporting events, made or collection by R. G. Potter (1901-1987). (more info)
Brown Hotel
Images taken by the Louisville, Kentucky commercial photo studio, 1937-1973. (more info)
Leonard Brush & Woodenware Co.
Mid-20th Century color photographs of downtown Louisville, Kentucky businesses and churches, many of which have since been razed. (more info)
State University group portrait, 1910.
Photos, catalogs, and yearbooks from Simmons College (Louisville, Kentucky) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. (more info)
Louisville tornado.
759 stereographs showing city views, railroads, landmarks and scenic views, events, and disasters from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. (more info)
Jean Thomas
Jean Thomas traveled eastern Kentucky taking snapshots of the mountain way of life. She was particularly interested in the music, crafts, and language patterns of the area. (more info)
A selection of theses and dissertations authored by graduate students at the University of Louisville, 1909 - present. (more info)
Univ. of Louisville
This collection contains images relating to the University of Louisville and its history. It includes the building book, an online encyclopedia of current and historical campus structures. (more info)
Univ. of Louisville graduates
Full-text searchable digital versions of all University of Louisville yearbooks, 1909-1982. (more info)
Art collage
A growing selection from the teaching and research image collection of the Department of Fine Arts/Allen R. Hite Art Institute Visual Resources Center. (more info)
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