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    • Feminist Friends of N.E./Wisconsin/USA.

    • My name is Claire Ridker. I am a Gestalt therapist. I am also an art therapist, a sculptor, and embroiderer, a wife, mother, and grandmother and last but not least, hopefully a friend.
    • Eva Lang/Alice Steele/Lila Delight Steele/Alberta/Ontario.

    • Lang, Eva (Keck), 1904-1972; Steele, Alice Theresa (McCullagh), 1922-1978; Steele, Lila Delight (Benedict), 1893-
    • Apollonia Steele & with loving assistance Charles R. Steele. / I am a professional librarian at the University of Calgary Library.
    • Helen Colijn/California/United States.

    • Colijn, Helen
    • To our delight, Helen's sister Antoinette Mayer, now residing in Washington, D.C., designed and made the quilt piece for us...for Helen. / 'Quilting,' Antoinette says, 'is my recreation. I make quilts with patterns proved over the years by our...
    • Seminart/Berkeley/U.S.A.

    • Seminart (Berkeley, Calif.)
    • I am Lisa Martin, a young (23) textile artist from Oregon living and working in the Bay Area. My primary concerns are structure and three-dimensional form in space, which I express through the forms of containers and vessels, books, and masks.
    • Eleanor Roosevelt/New York/USA.

    • Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962
    • Nancy Gertsmeier, age 25, school psychologist, St. Petersburg, Fl. / Marilyn Gertsmeier, age 47, Nancy's mother and mother of three sons, Valparaiso, In.
    • Edmonton YWCA/Alberta/Canada.

    • Young Women's Christian Association (Edmonton, Alta.); Young Women's Christian Association
    • HONOR QUILT BLOCK designed by Laura Taylor, Edythe Macauley and Wendy MacDonald. [...] the block was stitched by Frances Prelusky, Jean Chirka, Erna Peterson, Klazina Rip, Phyllis Wright, Edythe Macaulay, Laura Taylor.
    • Knoxville, Tennessee [souvenir postcard folder].

    • Rivers; Hotels; Parks; Buildings; Streets; Dwellings; Street railroads; Young Women's Christian associations; Post offices; Courthouses; Libraries; Railroad shops & yards; Railroad stations; Mental institutions; Hospitals; Bridges
    • Souvenir postcard folder from Knoxville, Tennessee. Includes images of buildings such as Knoxville High School, the Masonic Temple, the YWCA, the residence of Colonel L.D. Tyson, the county courthouse, Lawson McGhee Library, and various hotels...
    • Souvenir of Hannibal, Mo. : Mark Twain's boyhood home.

    • Monuments & memorials; Sculpture; Parks; Swimming pools; Swimmers; Courthouses; Railroad stations; Automobiles; Schools; Young Men's Christian associations; City & town halls; Hospitals; Waterfronts; Ships; Post offices; Dwellings; Railroad shops &...
    • Souvenir postcard folder from Hannibal, Missouri. Many of the postcards relate to Mark Twain and his characters. There are three pictures of Twain's home, one featuring Twain himself standing in front of the house. Other images include the "Mark...
    • Gardencourt, before 1987.

    • Buildings; University of Louisville--Buildings; Gardencourt (Louisville, Ky.); Houses; Gardens;
    • Gardencourt with statuary in foreground and a garden to the side. Gardencourt was built in 1906 and was a gift to the University of Louisville by the Norton family. It was deeded March 14, 1947. It served as the site of the University of...
    • Hollywood Africans - 1940.

    • Contemporary
    • Acrylic and oil paintstick on canvas; “Basquiat emerged as an artist in the 1980s, when the cultural mix included drugs, on which he eventually overdosed, hip hop, rap, and graffiti. His works, compact with codes that expose the nature of power...
    • Untitled (Ocean with Cross, no. 1).

    • Contemporary; Postmodern
    • "Born in Riga in 1938, and transplanted to America in 1949, Celmins has only recently become well known. Her strangely detached, unlocated subjects suggest a radical retreat from the concerns of modern life. Perhaps they relate to her early...
    • The First Days of Spring.

    • Surrealist; Modern (styles and periods); Modernist
    • "The First Days of Spring inaugurated a series of works in which, determined to be more Surrealist than the Surrealists themselves, Dali elaborated a symbolic language for delineating, with microscopic precision, his erotic obsessions. It deserves,...
    • The Endless Enigma.

    • Surrealist; Modern (styles and periods); Modernist
    • "The ever-present, brooding presence of Lorca [Federico García Lorca]." (Caption); "That Lorca continued to be on Dali's mind as he worked on Bacchanale is confirmed by a painting done during these months at La Pausa, The Great One-Eyed Cretin (or...
    • Young Gaul, front view.

    • Roman (ancient Italian style); Imperial (Roman)
    • Discovered in Reims (France). "This sculpture demonstrates the capacity of Roman artists to synthesize widely divergent influences and draw upon diverse styles. It shows that Roman art was capable of addressing very different concerns while still...
    • Two Urinals.

    • Contemporary
    • "These highly stylized, non-utilitarian versions of plumbing fixtures evoke complex psycho-sexual concerns surrounding issues of hygiene and male bonding. At the same time, they participate in a witty dialogue with Jasper Johns's famous bronze cast...
    • Talking.

    • New Image; Contemporary; Postmodern
    • "As in certain paintings by Francis Bacon, existential givens were made stubbornly palpable in Guston's pictures. Recurrent images such as a head with a single wide-open eye, wrist-watches, bare light-bulbs, or cigarette butts spoke of bouts of...


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